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Thousands of modern workspaces are cropping up around the world replacing traditional offices. At the heart of of this revolution in Kenya lies The Mint Hub. A dynamic coworking space that continues to redefine the way innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives work. Working at The Mint Hub will give you a new perspective of coworking.

Day Pass Package

KES 2,000 + VAT

Our Day Pass is perfect for travelling entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for an office to work from devoid of the distractions that comes with working from a coffee shop.

Included Features


Business Address Package

KSH: 4,000 +VAT

Our Business Address package is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who need a space to work from for only a few days in a month. Please note that since this is a basic virtual office, you would only get the address but not office space to work from. If you would need that from time to time, we have a daily rate for our in-house clients for Ksh 1,000 plus VAT.

Included Features

Standard Desk Package

KSH: 20,000 excl VAT

Standard Desk Package allows you to choose where to sit, meaning you don’t have a permanent sitting position rather you sit wherever there is an available desk. Say when working on a task that requires extra concentration you can choose to sit at a quiet corner hence able to limit distractions and manage your time more wisely.

Included Features


Exclusive Private Office

10 -15 max

The Mint Hub capitalizes on tastefully done nature-infused indoors, free flow of natural light and expansive glass paneled windows that provide a scenic view of Westlands from the customizable private office to provide a unique experience to coworkers.

Included Features

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