Believe, Begin, Become


To provide amazing work space with flexible and sustainable options for entrepreneurs

Mission Statement

To empower and impact the lives of women entrepreneurs socially and economically through providing a co-working space that will enable them to upscale their quality of life by presenting opportunities such as gender equality awareness, partnerships for the goals, climate action, good health and well-being, quality education, decent work and economic growth, peace, justice and strong institutions and digital skills for economic and educational transformation.

Management Team

The Mint Hub is founded and run by three amazing young professionals, who run the space putting quality and precision at forefront. The Mint Hub has shared offices, reception, internet and comfortable environment.

Faith Imani, The Mint Hub

FAITH IMANI, Business Development Manager

I am passionate about organizational development as well as sales. As a skilled communicator with adequate experience in business development, I have managed to provide successful solutions to different startups bringing in an innovative way of thinking, top-notch negotiating skills to achieve organizational success. I love and enjoy identifying, developing, defining, negotiating and closing business. relationships.

DAISY NYARONGE, Chief Strategic Officer

I am responsible for vision strategy and the finance duties in the organization. I am passionate about fostering positive change in the entrepreneurial world by ensuring we have the most flexible pricing, a networking platform and the right partnerships aimed towards economic growth. The mint hub is more than just a co-working space, it’s a community where the family spirit is upheld. Don’t get stuck up in routines, be different!

AIDAH GOKO, Operations Manager

What I do – I am here to ensure a positive experience to clients,visitors and staff.Implementation and monitoring of operating systems and processes to ensure consistency,identification and implementation of initiatives to improve and drive operating efficiencies. Why I love doing it – I work with great people who attract great people and I’m part of something larger that makes a difference in peoples lives.That is what makes it worth to wake up in the morning on a rainy day. Why people should come to Mint – The space consists of members who work for a range of different companies,ventures and projects.You don’t have to put a work persona to fit in,its Easy to feel part of Mint social movement.